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Summer Cold Sore? Learn why sunlight can cause an outbreak!

Cold sores are most common in the winter, so how could summer cause the cold sore virus to become active? Similar to cold weather, sunlight is a proven trigger of cold sores.

Cold sores can occur when the sun is out.

Why summer cold sores occur:

  • Exposure to Sunlight. The rays emitted by the sun damages skin. This is perhaps the most common reason why people who are prone to cold sores suffer an outbreak.

  • Chapped Lips. Exposure to the sun can cause lips to become dry and chapped. Cold sore viruses are more likely to be activated in these damaged areas of skin.

  • Stress and Exhaustion. Lazy summer days are associated with being relaxed, but summer planning trips, traveling and financial projections can increase stress and lead to an outbreak.

  • Highly Acidic Food. We tend to eat more foods such as oranges, pineapple and vinegar-based salad dressings during the summer. Click here to read what foods prevent cold sores.

  • Greasy Skin. Sun lotion can block our pores, leaving our skin more oily during the day. Oily skin can increase the chances of a cold sore outbreak.

Tips to prevent summer cold sores.

Tips to prevent summer cold sore outbreaks:

  • Enjoy the Sunlight. Sunlight in moderation can be very useful in drying up open cold sores, so long as burning does not occur.

  • Rest and Hydrate. Allow yourself to take plenty of rest, and hydrate yourself with 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  • Protect your Lips. Use a UV lip balm to protect from over exposure to the sun, and to keep lips moisturized to avoid chapping.

  • Boost your Immunity. Take Vitamin C found naturally in foods such as strawberries, kiwi, broccoli and tomatoes.

  • Apply Ice. Ice may assist in reducing swelling and redness caused by sunburn. Apply a moisturizing balm afterwards to ensure the cold sore blister does not get too dry.

  • Use Ointment. Blister Balm® External Analgesic Ointment can help soothe lips during a cold sore outbreak. It's naturally medicated with key ingredients from the Desert Botanical-Jojoba providing safe, effective and fast acting relief for those who experience cold sores.

If you know you’re prone to summer cold sore flare-ups after exposure to sunlight, take advantage of these preventative tips to lower your risk of triggering the infection. Most importantly you can help prevent summer cold sore triggers by avoiding extended direct sunlight, and protecting your lips with a highly moisturizing balm product like Blister Balm® Lip Protectant.